English Practice – learn English online

EnglishPractice.com helps you in many different areas of learning English: grammar, writing, correct usage, common mistakes and more. You can also find games and learning materials for children.

The site features help sections for students preparing for TOEFL and IELTS, but the materials are useful for any other exam type as well.

Learning Chocolate

LearningChocolate.com is a website aimed at young learners, to help them learn new vocabulary in various topics.learningchocolate.com partial screenshot Within each topic, students can choose from a variety of exercise types and games. Each vocabulary item is reinforced with pictures and sounds. The dozens of categories will keep learners busy for quite some time.

Test your vocabulary and help the hungry

A simple but addictive game: freerice.com. Choose the correct meaning of a word from four options – if you get it right, the next word will be a bit more difficult; if you get it wrong, it will be easier. After a few questions, you will see your vocabulary level, which will always change according to your answers. You can also listen to the correct pronunciation of the words.

Apart from practising your English vocabulary, you can also play with other languages and subjects.